Tuesday, February 20, 2007

1) I'm in a school building hanging out with people with whom I went through grade school. June White is there, and we're talking about how her Mom used to always bring in cookies on Fridays. We all go outside, and everyone is in a panic. A big bus comes along, and we all get on. My parents find me, and we ride this overcrowded bus together for a while. I look out over the city and see all these little explosions going off, but they're not like regular firey explosions. They're like little white bubbles popping all over the place. The bus stops at the top of a big hill, and we all get out and climb down this rocky slope. We end up in the middle of a bunch of wooden shacks, looking for a safe place. The bus driver leads us to one house where we go inside, and his Mom is there.

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