Friday, February 23, 2007

1) I deploy, and we get to our site and start setting up a camp made mostly of collabsible trailers. We finish setting up camp, and I realise we're near a site where Dan is deployed, as well. I go find Dan and we hang out for a while. It gets dark, and I'm trying desperately to find my way back to my quarters. The next morning, I throw on civilian clothes to go find Dan. I say hi to him, but can't stay long because we have to tear down camp. I go back to my area, and find that they've already torn down the trailers, but I can't find any of my stuff anywhere, and I need my uniform so I can start digging trenches. I find the rest of my squadron, who are working on digging a well, and ask if they know anything about where everyone's personal stuff is. They tell me that it's packed up in an ISO box. I figure I'll just worry about it later and start helping on the well.

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