Friday, February 16, 2007

1) I'm deployed, and I'm walking around base with some friends. We find an old, abandoned bunker with a movie projector inside. Me and one guy start watching a movie in the bunker, but the other guy doesn't want to go inside, so he stays outside. After watching the movie for a while, I get up and crawl out of the hatch. I'm talking to my friend outside, when suddenly a huge explosion goes off inside the bunker. I look down inside, and all I see is the ashes of the guy who stayed down there. I wonder what prompted me to get up and leave when I did.

2) I go into a Cingular store to get the new Apple iPhone. They don't have a lot of advertisements for it, and I keep trying to get a sales clerk to help me, but they're all busy. I finally find one, and as soon as I pick it up, a sales guy starts asking me questions about it. I decide to buy it. I walk out of the store, and I'm in San Diego. I'm walking along the beach, and there are tons of people there. There's also a bunch of marine life, like walruses and whales and stuff right in the water. This guy says he's from the zoo, and that he wants everyone to start playing with the animals. I start wrestling around with a seal, but I don't want to get my phone wet, so I keep walking toward the city. I'm walking through an inlet, and suddenly there's a big earthquake, and this big wall comes up from underground. I'm riding on top of the wall, but there are people still on the ground that are getting crushed. Eventually, the wall goes back underground. I start running into the city, and I find myself at the top of a huge building. Spider-man is up there, and he's about to fall over the edge, and at the last minute, something stops him. I turn around and my parents and my brother are there, and these Japanese people want to take our picture.

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