Saturday, May 05, 2007

1) I'm driving out in the country, and I come across a small town in the mountains and decide to get some food. I walk toward an outdoor cafe, but decide to cross a bridge to a little general store. I walk inside and there are three really hot girls and one ugly one. The three hot girls are making out with each other, and the ugly one walks toward me. I start calling out to the three hot ones, but they ignore me. I walk outside, and the ugly one follows me. I look up in the sky and I can see the moon. I see something happening on the surface of the moon, but I can't focus very well. All of the sudden, the moon explodes. The first thing I think is that I need to get to work. I start running for my truck, but then there's a big earthquake and I keep falling down. I grab my phone and start calling my parents.

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