Thursday, June 14, 2007

1) I wake up in a dark closet, open the door, and walk into a room with all the curtains drawn. I start talking to a girl who tells me to be really quiet. We walk outside, where it's before sunrise, and meet up with about ten other people. We get in an old, beat up van, and start driving really slowly. We're picking up a few others along the way. I slowly realise that there are zombies everywhere, and as long as we move really slowly, they won't recognize that we aren't zombies. We get to a big church, and we have people all over pulling guard duty. Plus, there are people outside acting as decoys, in case the zombies catch on. We're trying to have a worship service inside, but we can't be too loud, or the zombies will attack.
*I've had this dream, or some form of it, before.

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