Saturday, January 15, 2005

1) I get tickets to a crappy awards show because I think it might be fun and I might end up seeing some minior celebrities there. I get to my seat, and I'm sitting right next to Tom Hanks. He's sitting with two little girls, which I assume are his daughters. He says he decided to attend this awards show because he thought the Oscars were over-rated. They also have a buffet, so Tom gets up to go eat, and I think I'll wait a while, but then I decide to go anyway. I'm walking through the line, and everything looks really disgusting, so I keep walking thinking I'll eventually find something I like. But then I get to the desserts, so I just decide I'll eat a few desserts to hold me over until I can get some real sustenance. I'm wandering around with my plate and I walk through this doorway into someone's living room, and I see this lady and her daughter watching Good Morning America and there's some lady on there singing. When she finishes, they say that Courtney Love is going to be performing on Friday, and I'm all excited. Then there's an advertisement for a Courtney Love action figure.


minXXX said...

Your dreams make my dreams so dull. I don't even remember the last exciting dream ever! Only exciting dreams are my sex dreams. Keep dreaming!

PRR! said...

Hey thanks for your comment I thought I was the only one that was posting my dreams I will deffinately keep track of what you write! I hope you like my site and keep checking it every once in a while! I seem to have the craziest dreams but yours are right up there with mine! Happy dreaming!