Wednesday, January 19, 2005

1) My family and I are walking around a big grocery store, and I see this plate of food for sale that looks really good, so I decide I'm gong to buy it for my Mom. We're still walking around the store, and I have this plate in my hand, and I'm worried about it getting cold, so I ask my Mom if she just wants to eat it now, and she just stares at my blankly. My brother starts teasing me.

2) I'm in my shop, and I decide I'm going to shave my head. So I get a can of shaving cream, and I put it all over my hair, and start in with a razor. But my hair is too long, and it just ends up looking patchy and I start to lose my patience. Then I pull out a pair of scissors to cut my hair to make it short enough to shave, and I look up and it's almost 4:30, but I don't want to leave work with my hair all jacked up, so I start cutting faster.

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PRR! said...

Hey and I thought my dreams wer comical! Yours are strait up trippy hens the name trippin lucid right! Its rockinroflgirl with the dreams bitches a look into my warped mind here! I am glad I am not the only one that has a dream blog I am getting ready to start my random thought blog soon! Mean while you should check out my new dreams and tell me what you think!!!