Tuesday, January 04, 2005

1) I'm riding along with my Mom and my cousin, Elizabeth, and we see an old, abandoned house on the side of the road. We stop and we're looking around, and the house starts creeking and stuff, like it's going to collapse. We walk around to the side, and we see the back of the house is right on the edge of a steep hill. We go down the hill and explore a litte bit. Then the hill starts to slide down, so we run back up to get out of the way. The back of the house starts to fall in on itself, and the rest of the house is close behind.

2) I'm singing in a Christmas program at the Chapel, and Chaplain Rosenthal is leading the music. I'm handing out the sheet music to everyone in the choir, and there are extra copies, so the Chaplain says to give the extra copies out to the congregation, but I'm kinda nervous because these are the same copies we used in rehearsals and some of the people have written crude things in them. So I warn the people in the Chapel that there may be things hand written in the music that could be PG-13, or worse.

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