Thursday, January 20, 2005

1) I'm working in my office, and I see this kid who's about 10 years old walking around our shop. I ask around to see if anyone knows whose kid it is, and somebody says they think his last name is Cortes. Then I'm thinking I don't even know anyone in our squadron named Cortes. So, I'm walking around the shop, and the kid walks right in front of me and collapses on the floor and stars convulsing. I'm freaking out because I don't know what to do. Then somebody says to just leave him there, and he'll quit. So I'm standing there because I don't want to just leave the kid on the floor, and he stops and gets up and walks away. I'm walking back toward my office, and I see Don, so I give him a big hug, and we're getting ready to go back into my office to chat and just as I start to close the door, the kid comes into my office and drops to the ground and starts convulsing again. So I tell Don that he'll stop in a minute, but then this weird white stuff starts spewing out of his eye, like crazy string or something. So I get up to see if I can get help, and everyone else in the shop starts staring at this poor kid on the floor of my office.

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PRR! said...

Wow that dream is kinda freaky! Its funny what our subconcious does to us while we sleep. It seems to me ike that dream was a toss and turn kind the kind that you just cant quit tossing and turning in you bed! The dreams I hate are the kind that you wake up during the dream then you go back to it but things are kinda different! Those kinda throw you off! Well happy dreaming!