Sunday, January 23, 2005

1) It's my last Sunday in Misawa, and even though I had told Brian I wasn't going to play piano for Chapel this week, I decide to go ahead and show up anyway. [True, this is actually happening in real life, but this is also how my dream starts out.] So, I show up to play, but there's already this lady there playing in my spot, and I get a little angry and tell her I'll go ahead and play. She gives me a dirty look and gets up. We start the service and I realize that the entire praise team has changed, and they're doing these really weird songs we've never done before. I'm doing my best to keep up, and I look over and see the lady glaring at me and smiling because she knows I'm having a hard time. We get to the last song of the service and I'm totally determined to play it really awesome. Right before we start playing, I see the lady move to another piano where the drum kit used to be. The song starts and we're both playing really loud and I'm concentrating really hard and I start sweating because I'm playing with such intensity. This goes on for a few minutes, then I glance over and the lady has gotten up from the other piano and walked away, and I'm thinking "Aha! I've won!" So I keep playing, and after a few minutes I look up and the people on the praise team are gone and I look out and nearly everyone in the congregation has left and I just feel stupid.

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