Friday, May 20, 2005

1) I'm driving along a highway, and I'm taking an exit to get onto another highway. I'm driving about 65 mph, and I look up and see a cop with his lights on. At first I think he's probably after someone else, but when I pull over, he pulls over, too. I get my license and military ID out and he comes up to the passenger side of the car and gives me a ticket. He's wearing some kind of hunting outfit, and the only way I know he's a cop is by his hat. I tell him there was no signs telling me the speed limit was any lower than 65 mph. Just then, a guy pulls up behind the cop car and gets out and starts yelling at the cop. They start arguing, and the cop tells me I'm going to have to follow him back to his house. We get back there, and the guy who pulled up turns out to be the cop's son. The son's girlfriend is there, too, and all three of them are arguing, and I'm just sitting there feeling really awkward.

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