Monday, May 30, 2005

1) I'm living in the dorm and one night Jay Tennant comes in my room and asks if he can have a couple days off work to go to a graduation ceremony. I say it's cool, and then I ask if he has any plans for the evening. He says he and Thaddeus are going to perform some kind of rap thing at this really exclusive club. I ask if I can go, and he says it's okay, but I can't bring anyone else since the club is so small and snobby.

2) I'm at a University of Louisville basketball game and they're having try-outs for a dance team. I leave the ball game and go home where I start sorting through all the books on my shelf. The bookshelf falls over, so I start putting all the books back up, and as I do, the characters in the book come to life and start yelling at me.

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