Thursday, May 19, 2005

1) I'm walking around this huge mall, and I decide to go into an electronics store to see if they have the camera I bought any cheaper. While I'm in there, I see this guy who has two very young sons in wheelchairs. They both have to go to the bathroom, so I try to open the men's room door for them, but it's locked. I go up to the clerk and ask why the door is locked and he just kinda smiles and apologises. I start walking around the mall again and decide to get a smoothie, but I can't find the smoothie place.


Adam said...

you should put a bell on you, so you dont get lossed, but when you do, guss what people will hear( ring rig) or there you are

Vanessa said...

A bell...WTF

What’s up, stumbled across your blogg and thought I would leave a comment.

can I ask you a question....How the heck do you remember your dreams. I feel like the second I wake up I can't remember anything, but I know I had some dreams. I hear if you wear a Nicoderm CQ patch, you have really vivid dreams...

R u on the patch?

Anyhow...I enjoy reading your dreams

Take care