Saturday, September 08, 2007

1) I'm living back at the house in Morganfield, and MItt Romney is coming over to stay with us for a while. My parents are very excited, and they try to get me to build a big lamp to celebrate. I'm putting together this big glass lamp, and it has one big light on top with several smaller lights inside. People keep asking me how it's coming along, and all it does is frustrate me. Mitt arrives, and the lamp still isn't done. The Gamblins come over and my Mom has just gotten out of the shower and she's cooking dinner, too. Dad is angry with me because the lamp isn't finished. I finally get to where I think I'm done, and I plug the lamp in, but it keeps flickering on and off. I'm so angry and MItt is standing right behind me.

2) I'm in a big city with Nick Fuoss, and we decide to go to a free community breakfast. We're going through the line talking, and all he gets on his plate is a bunch of sausage and bacon. I ask for french toast. As we're walking around trying to find a seat, I see Jim Sullivan and I start talking with him. I don't see Nicole anywhere, and I'm just about to ask Jim where she is, and he turns around and sits down with some people I don't know. Nick sits at a table that's already full, so I go and sit at a table with only one other girl. She's dressed completely in black and her hair is all messy. I ask if it's okay if I sit there, and she's very nice. Another girl comes and sits next to me. We have a nice conversation about society and the different types of people that come to free meals like this one.

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