Monday, September 10, 2007

1) I'm on a big road trip across the country. I stop and get gas somewhere in the south, and the lady working the register is really nice and has a thick accent. I pull out my wallet and can't find my credit card. I assume I left it at the last place I got gas, which was 300 miles earlier. As I'm standing at the counter wondering what to do, David Wilhelm walks up next to me. I start laughing and give him a big hug, but he acts like it's no big deal and shrugs. I somehow get to where I'm going and I'm looking at a bunch of really big, old houses with Jim Greenleaf and another guy. We're thinking about buying one and fixing it up. This real estate guy comes up and tells us what we can and can't do because it's a historic district. Then he tells us McDonalds already owns a parcel of land right next to one of the houses, and they're gonna put a big restaurant there.

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runnerfrog said...

You have certainly a great set of dreams. :-) Cheers.