Tuesday, September 04, 2007

1) I'm dating a girl who lives above a garage behind an old lady's house. It's not a great building, but the apartment is nice. One day, we're making dinner and a couple guys in pickup trucks start driving through the trailer park next door. They start ramming into trailers and trying to kill people. They end up killing a little baby. They stop their trucks and start walking around. I walk down and grab a big piece of wood. I yell at them to go away and start hitting them with the log. I hit their trucks and break out one of the windshields. They drive away, and I go over to see how the lady with the baby is.

2) I'm in the middle of a military exercise. We're all in our gear in the middle of the play area, and a big storm comes in. The rain is coming down and the wind is really strong. It picks me up and throws me into the side of a building. I get up and everyone is running around. I take my gear off, and run for shelter. The storm stops and the Chief tells us to go home. My gear is laying in the mud, but they tell us to leave it there because there are mudslides. I jump into a truck with Abe Garcia, and he has to drive through this really narrow passageway. He gets to the end and there are a bunch of chlorine cylinders there and he can't get around them. MSgt Frey is there, and Abe starts yelling at Frey to get the chlorine out of the way. I get out of the truck and tell Frey that the chlorine isn't authorized to be in this building and the whole system isn't set up right anyway. Frey gets really flustered and he keeps waving his arms around and stuttering.

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