Sunday, December 02, 2007

1) I'm at a barbecue at work, and I'm walking around trying to finish up some stuff while everyone else is eating. I look out the window and see Lucy Weber, so I start running around trying to find Don and Jean-Marie. I see them in another room and start talking to them. My Dad shows up and asks if I'll ride with my Mom to the store. I get in the driver's seat and Mom gets in and tells me to drive across this big field. We finally get to a highway, and we have to cross a couple lanes of traffic to go the right direction. I'm waiting for cars to pass, and a couple of them are going really slow. We finally get a chance to go, and I see a big fence in a median that wasn't there before. So I turn right and hope to get a spot to turn around later. A cop pulls up behind us and turns his lights on, but then goes past us.

2) I'm in high school and I'm trying to impress some girl, so I start cutting up all my clothes to look tough. Our friends set us up on a date, but her parents want to meet me. I get my friends to help me fix up my house, and when her parents get there, they totally drill me on my intentions. They've hired a photographer to take pictures of us together, but the photographer is crazy and keeps throwing orange paint on us. The next day at school, this girl and I are both wearing motorcycle helmets and she keeps trying to talk to me, but I can't understand what she's saying.

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