Friday, November 30, 2007

1) I try out for some kind of high school band competition, even though I haven't picked up my horn in years. There are all kinds of people from my high school there that I haven't seen in forever. We have auditions, and Mr. Woodard is in charge (and he has a pony tail). I have no hope of making it, so I don't even go to my audition. I just want to hang out with everyone for a while. After they announce who made it into the band, I'm walking around, and I see a bunch of guys from work working on a big valve beneath the school. They're trying to get some big leak to stop, and I'm hoping they don't ask me for help. I stick around anyway, and end up tracing all these lines for them.

2) I'm at some big college somewhere, and Garah is my roommate. When she gets to our room, she's really upset, and I try to console her, but she doesn't want to talk. Some other girl comes in and they start talking, so I leave. I end up walking around with some anthropology class, and we find all these old skeletons. Some have weird shaped skulls and we decide that they must have been cannibals.

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