Sunday, October 24, 2004

1) I'm deployed, but we're working in a big city somewhere. We're practicing how to drive convoys in what looks like the garage of my house in Morganfield. Then all these big balloon-like bombs start dropping, but we don't know if they're real bombs, or part of some kind of exercise, so we just kind of ignore them. Then, it's night time, and we're driving the actual convoy, and getting ready to leave the base. I'm riding on a trailer being hauled by a truck driven by Scarlett Johansson. She's trying to turn the truck around, and gets frustrated and hits the gas really hard, leaving behind the trailer with me on it. The truck goes out into a busy interection, and there's a horrible accident smashing the truck in two. Scarlett is instantly killed, and I start feeling guilty because I think I should have been the one driving.


dpmclan said...

I want to comment on your stuff because it makes me feel things inside, so for each one that I read, I will write the first word that comes to my mind:)

dpmclan said...