Monday, October 25, 2004

1) I'm some kind of guard in a women's prison, and there is an inmate that looks like Catherine O'Hara who gets to go to some kind of party because she's behaved herself. And I'm the one that has to escort her. She ends up getting really drunk and hitting on this guy, and she gets mad when I tell him she can't go home with him because she has to go back to prison. The rest of the night is spent trying to get her back in my car so I can drive her back to the penitentiary, and she is a very annoying drunk.

2) I'm babysitting this kid and he has a "Sopranos" playset with a bunch of action figures, and I start playing with the action figures. I get a kick out of the playset because it's really morbid and has different ways to kill and torure people.

3) I'm walking down the street in some city, and I'm walking by a hospital when a doctor is getting a patient on a gurney out of an ambulance. He asks for help, so I help him wheel the gurney through the hospital and into the elevator. After we get off the elevator, we drop the patient off in an examination room, and the doctor thanks me and goes somewhere else. I'm walking out of the hospital when I realize I've left my sunglasses somewhere inside, so I go back in and look for them. I'm getting really frustrated because they are my favorite sunglasses and they're Armani and they cost a lot of money. I'm walking all over the hospital and I don't find my sunglasses, but I end up hitting on this really hot nurse.

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