Thursday, October 28, 2004

1) I'm friends with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and Ben is dating this really hot Spanish girl, but she's cheating on him with Owen. So the three of us are driving around in this van trying to cheer up Ben. Then we stop by the girl's house, and sneak around the back side to spy on her, and she's with another guy, so now Owen and Ben are both upset. Then Ben pulls out a gun and aims it at her, so Owen and I are trying to pull him away. Then the girl and the guy she's with see us, and the guy comes out and shoots Ben, so Owen and I drag him back to the van and are trying to get him to the hospital.

2) I go into the bathroom (that looks like the bathroom of my house in Morganfield) to take a shower, and I pull back the shower curtain, and Brad is sitting in the bathtub reading a book. For some reason, it doesn't really bother either of us, so I go ahead and start running the water for my shower, and get in, and we start having a conversation about the book.

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