Tuesday, October 26, 2004

1) I'm working at Gap again, and the store at which I work is actually a really old house that's been converted. Madonna has bought all the Gap stores, and she's getting ready to come to my store for a visit and everyone's freaking out. The store looks immaculate. Actually, I'm not even supposed to be there. It's supposed to be just the managers and stuff, but I showed up anyway, just because I want to see Madonna. I'm kinda standing in the back when she arrives, and I start to get really nervous and scared I'm going to faint when she walks by. She walks around the store with the manager, but doesn't come to where I'm standing, and then starts to leave, and I get really dissappointed. Then she stops and turns around and asks about a rack of clothing next to me. I start talking and I'm amazed at how professional and intelligent I sound. I answer all her questions thoroughly, and she seems pleased. So then she leaves, and I go to the kitchen where the cook is trying to fix a doorknob.

2) I'm riding on the bullet train to Tokyo with Paul and Trish, just to make sure they get on their plane to the States okay, and I'm wondering if I should take the train back to Misawa, or fly.

3) We're in the middle of a base exercise, and I'm trying to out-process my squadron at the same time. And anytime we leave the room, we have to give this ridiculously long reporting statement. So I get frustrated and decide to go for a run. I'm running down this big corridor filled with people and I see Shelby running, too. I run for about 3 miles, and then turn around to go back. When I get back, I see a note saying I have to go to the orderly room for some paperwork regarding my out-processing. So I go up there, and they have all these snacks and lemonade and stuff. And the orderly room people are walking around in civilian clothes.

4) I'm on vacation with a bunch of people in some tropical location. We get a room in a hotel and it's really small. I go into the bathroom, and there are crabs and spiders and other bugs all over the place. I go out and talk to Paul about it, and we decide to call the manager. Then Paul sees this other guy in the room across from ours, and decides to go ask him about Jesus instead.


Paul said...

So what did he know about Jesus? I am flatered to be in your dreams. I can totally see where most of your dreams originate, that is a cool thing. I CAN'T believe how many of your dreams you remember. Has it always been this way? Are you only able to write them down because you write them right when you get up?

dpmclan said...