Saturday, December 11, 2004

1) I'm at work and going around to different shops getting stuff ready for the squadron Christmas party. I'm talking to this guy about pictures for the slide show, and then everyone decides to go outside to this big grassy area outside the building. We're all sitting around watching planes fly, when one of the planes starts to go down. We're all watching, and the plane circles around behind us, and starts to crash. It hits the ground right behind us and it looks like it's sliding right toward me. I close my eyes and roll up into a little ball. When I open my eyes the plane has slid right throught the middle of the crowd, but only missed me by a few inches. I look ahead and it's still sliding. It hits a building and bursts into flames. It's burning so hot that a few people around me catch of fire.

2) I have a crush on some girl who's getting ready to go to Tokyo. I decide to look online to see if I can get cheap plane tickets so I can go with her. I look down at my computer, and the screen has detached from the rest of the computer, and there's some guy on my couch watching movies. I ask him if he knows anything about how my computer got broken, and he just kinda stares at me.

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