Monday, December 06, 2004

1) I'm staying at this house with my brother and some guys from my squadron. It's late at night, and they're all sitting in the living room and watching television. I'm really hungry, and there's a half-eaten birthday cake, and I want some, but I don't know who to ask, so I just take some. I go outside, and there's these really weird, almost clear berries growing up from the ground. My brother comes out, and I ask if they're grapes, and he says they're raspberries, but they just don't have any colour yet.

2) I'm in a city, and I go into some bar, and they're having a dancing contest, but it's a group dance contest, so I go in to watch. I'm watching all the groups compete, and then one group gets up and it's full of really fat girls and a couple really fat guys. One of the guys says he's James Murphy's younger brother. They start dancing around horribly, and I think how embarassed James would be if he were there.

3) I'm at this house in a suburb with my brother, and we're visiting this couple who is friends with Gwen Stefani. Gwen is there talking to the wife and the wife is teaching Gwen how to be more erotic. So the wife, Gwen, my brother, and I are in a separate little house in the back yard, and there's all this ice cream. We start eating the ice cream, and I notice there is cheese and bacon in some of it, so I avoid it. Then my brother starts making out with Gwen, and I'm jealous, because I want to make out with Gwen.

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