Wednesday, December 22, 2004

1) I'm hanging out with Drew Barrymore and a bunch of other girls in Drew's bedroom. She has a big garden full of mushrooms and pumpkins. Something happens, and all the mushrooms get uprooted, so we all help Drew replant them.

2) I'm sitting on a big couch talking to two people I don't know, when one of them asks me how old Dan Haas is. I guess late twenties or early thirties. Then I get a call on my cell phone from some random girl asking me to meet her in an abandoned parking lot. I'm worried because I think she's angry that I guessed Dan's age wrong.

3) I'm at a mall in Tokyo with my parents, and we're at this really exotic pet store and there's strange fish and weird ocean creatures in aquariums all over the place. They have several big octopi and these eels with funky tongues. I'm talking with this family who has a really big dog that loves to play fetch. I leave the mall and get in my car to find another mall. When I get there, I'm worried I won't be able to find my way back to the first mall where my parents still are. I end up running into some other Americans, and I ask for directions, but first I want to find a Starbucks.

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minXXX said...

Starbucks...good stuff. May I add something else?...Was browsing the blogs and saw your pic...damn! You are indeed a hot guy. take it easy over there on the other side of the world ;)