Sunday, July 10, 2005

1) I'm at a house next to the ocean, and there are several people living there. I'm in the process of moving in, too, but I still have most of my stuff at my old place. I'm messing around with the computer and I can't get it to work, so I call a repair guy and he comes over. While he's working on the computer, I'm laying on the floor and Sarah Brown comes in and lays on the floor with me. The computer guy finishes his work and we all go out to the beach. While we're there, we see this giant tidal wave coming, so we run back toward the house. The wave crashes, but it just gets our feet wet. I start looking around for my car, and I can't remember where I left it. Caleb comes home and picks me up and we drive around looking for my car.

2) I'm flying in a private jet with a bunch of people including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. We fly to this small town in South Carolina. We get off the plane and start helping wash the trucks at a fire station. There are also a bunch of children around and we're playing with them, too. There are all these little ponds and fountains all over the place, and these goldfish are swimming in them. We gather up and start to get back on the plane again, but as we're going through the little passageway to get on, the plane takes off and this guy is standing on the wing.

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