Saturday, July 16, 2005

1) These two guys in my shop are in a horrible car accident, and everyone thinks they're dead, but they keep showing up for work and they look like zombies, but they act normal. Then Caleb, Josh, Sarah, me, and a bunch of other people are riding around in this huge SUV on our way to the movies and we have a wreck. We get out of the truck and walk to the movie theatre and everyone is staring at us. After the movie, we start talking and realise we all have broken bones and we're all bloody and we should be dead, but we're not. I go back to work and the two zombie guys there start being really nice to me.

2) I'm walking around the mall and we get attacked by aliens, just like in War of the Worlds. Me and this girl get picked up by the big tentacles and we're inside the ship. I don't think the aliens can see me because I'm still a zombie, so I start messing around inside the ship trying to pull wires and stuff to get it to crash. This big alien eye shows up and sees what I'm doing and freaks out. The ship starts to fall and the girl and I jump out just in time before it crashes.

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PRR! said...

Well I deffinately have to say those two dreams are deffinately entertaining!!! I think that your dreams is even more wacked out than mine! I think that its great that you have a dream of the war of the worlds! Great movie by the way I am jusst glad you got away in your dream. Keep up the great work!!!