Sunday, July 03, 2005

1) I'm home visiting my family and one night while I'm sleeping, there's a big earthquake. The next morning, we find all this damage to the roof of our house. We go to visit my grandparents and I spend most of the time there watching TV. I go out to my old high school and end up getting put in a group that has to perform a play for the 7th graders to tell them not to use drugs. I go into the library to make a copy of the script, and realise I don't have a way to get back to my house, so I call a cab. I'm riding in the cab and it starts to rain. When we get back to my house, the cab driver says she appreciates the way I didn't try to make meaningless conversation with her. At my house, there are a bunch of people, including some carpenters from my shop in Japan, trying to help my parents fix the roof.

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