Friday, November 25, 2005

1) I get shipped to a new base or something, and I have all my suitcases. I walk into the dorm and go to my room. I have a roommate, but he's out right now, so I kinda drop my stuff in the middle of the room. A bunch of guys come in and start talking to me. At first, I feel awkward, but they all seem like nice guys and we chat for a bit. We all go outside. The base is like a compound in the middle of nowhere. There are all kinds of people there, and they're all really paranoid about these killer bunnies. I see a pack of the bunnies, and they're really cute, but everyone tells me they'll rip you to shreds if you get too close. We're all out in the compound, and suddenly a siren goes off so everyone starts running from the bunnies.

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