Thursday, November 10, 2005

1) I'm riding around in a pickup truck with Caleb and Nina, and we're making plans to take a trip over Christmas. Nina keeps making a big deal about the fact she has to work on Christmas Day.

2) I'm working in Barnes & Noble, and I see this Japanese guy put a book inside his jacket. I start chasing him, and he runs out of the store. We're running down the street and it's in a big city and there are tons of people around, so I keep bumping into people. Another guy helps me try to corner him, but he keeps getting away. He crosses a major street, and just as he's getting ready to go onto the sidewalk, I jump and grab his legs and take him down.

3) I'm in an apartment that looks like the inside of the house in Morganfield. There are a couple kids there, and I think I'm babysitting. Suddenly, in the kitchen, water starts coming down from inside the ceiling. A lot of water. I don't know what to do, so I start putting towels down, but it doesn't do much good. A cop knocks on the door, but I just ignore him. He starts yelling at me to open the door, but I'm too busy worrying about the water in the kitchen. I find a big pan and start catching the water and tossing it in the sink each time it fills up. And then, just as suddenly as it started, the water stops.

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