Saturday, November 12, 2005

1) I'm on some kind of Air Force sports team and we're practicing in the gym. Chief Brown is the coach and we're running laps, but the only shoes I have are my Birkenstock clogs, and they keep falling off. I'm trying to run, but it feels like I'm running in water and I can't move my legs very fast. Chief says if I don't run faster, I'm going to have to run more laps.

2) I'm working backstage at a Gwen Stefani concert, and the stage keeps moving around. This big fat lady in the audience keeps trying to jump up on the stage, and I'm worried she's going to get hurt, so I keep trying to push her down, but she starts cursing at me and tries even harder.

3) I'm coming back from some kind of TDY and my squadron is on a bus. I sit down in an empty seat and MSgt Rogers sits next to me. He starts giving a speech to everyone on the bus about how disappointed he is in our performance. Then he sits down and starts talking to me. The bus starts going and I think the bus driver is lost. We start going down a big hill, and at the bottom is a big lake. The bus goes into the lake, but it's not very deep. We all get off and Alex is there.

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