Wednesday, September 28, 2005

1) I'm driving a brand new Camaro out in the country to my squadron picnic. I pull in, and I'm hoping everyone sees me and likes my car. I park and get out and walk through this big house. I see everyone out back, and it's mostly people from my squadron in Japan. The picnic is being held this really rich guy's house and he has two big rollercoasters in the back. I see Adam Watson and Mikey Kiel, so I start talking to them. Mikey seems really depressed, so I'm trying to cheer him up. I tell him we should go to Vegas one weekend, and he says he's trying to save money so his brothers can visit.

2) I'm walking through a big mall, and I go into a department store. The sales ladies are being really nice to me, but I don't see anything I really like, so I feel kinda bad. Some guy walks up to me, like he knows me, and I end up buying him a shirt, tie, and belt. There are these two teenage girls there buying prom dresses and making a lot of noise. I walk out and get on the escalator, and at one point, it starts going backwards, and I can't walk fast enough to make it to the top. Some lady on the escalator with me is an ultra-conservative radio personality and she falls off because she can't keep up.

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