Saturday, September 10, 2005

1) I'm in a mall with a bunch of people who are supposed to be my family, I think. They're really ghetto and we're all carrying guns with us. We walk into a store and there are these really cool sunglasses for sale, but they're $1000 bucks. One of my brothers(?) wins some kind of contest, and gets to buy the glasses for $120, but he doesn't want them. I tell him to wait until I run to the ATM so I can buy them. I go to the ATM and I accidentally hit an extra zero, so I end up pulling out $1200, and the ATM runs out of money. I go back down to the store to buy the sunglasses and there's a robbery in progress by a guy from a family that we really don't like. He attempts to leave the store, and we all gang up on him and pull out our guns. I'm shaking and I accidentally shoot him in the hip, sending him to the ground. He's still alive, and the ambulance comes and takes him away. Everyone says I'm a hero, but I feel awful. Lisa Kudrow comes up and gives me a hug and tells me she's pregnant with my baby and I start crying uncontrollably.

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