Thursday, June 01, 2006

1) I'm at my parents' house, and I'm in the bathtub. I can hear a bunch of people talking outside the bathroom. The dog, Rudy, comes in the bathroom, and I start petting him. Then my parents and this other guy come in because the guy is thinking about installing a new bathtub in his house, and he wants to see ours first. But I'm okay because I have a blanket on, too, even though I'm in the water.

2) I'm visiting my family in South Carolina, and we're all hanging out at my aunt Karen's house. We're going to have a big party for my brother, but nobody knows what to buy him. My aunt Patty asks me to go with her to the store to get him something, so I get in the car with her. She ends up driving to this porn store, and we go in and we keep laughing really hard at all the stuff inside. There's a clerk at the store who keeps following us around and she won't leave us alone. She keeps telling us to reach inside this big bucket and pull out a prize, but we're afraid of what might be in there.

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