Wednesday, June 21, 2006

1) I'm walking around a really nice neighbourhood early on a Sunday morning with a girl who is apparently good friend of mine. I'm supposed to hang out with my Aunt Karen that night, but the girl I'm with is kind of upset, and I think she wants me to ditch my Aunt so I'll hang out with her. But I don't see my Aunt very often and I don't want to ditch her. I consider inviting the girl to hang out with my Aunt and I, but decide that would be a bad idea, and end up walking around with the girl for a while. We walk through the neighbourhood, and end up at a dormitory where a bunch of people from my squadron live. We're walking through the dorm and a bunch of the people who live there are still partying from the night before. I try to find this girl from readiness so she can sign off on some paperwork of mine in order for me to deploy. But every time I go into a room, I see her walking out a door on the opposite side and the people there tell me I just missed her. I try to run faster to catch up with her, but my legs won't move fast enough.

2) I'm at Church, and when I walk in, some of the pews have been replaced by beds, so I lie down in one of the beds. There's a book of photography on the bed, as well. The preacher starts giving the sermon, and I'm looking through the photography book. Some of the photographs are nudes, and when I flip past one of them, an old lady behind me gasps. I'm embarrassed, but I don't know what to do because that book is obviously what the preacher wants me to be reading. I get off the bed and walk out the side door, which leads directly into the parsonage. I'm watching the rest of the service on a television, and the preacher is taking off all his clothes and talking about how we shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies because that's how God made us. After the service, the preacher comes in and tells me he's been fired. I feel really bad for him, but he's not upset because he says he's found a bunch of old Biblical artifacts, and he's going on some mysterious archeological mission (a la The Divinci Code). I see this strange artifact in a glass case in his living room. It's a big triangle-shaped rock, and it's floating around. I turn around to talk to him, and when I turn back around, the big rock is gone. Suddenly, there's a big earthquake.

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