Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1) I'm getting ready to graduate from basic training. We're all in this big room and the training instructors are getting ready to hand us our diplomas, but they won't give them to us until we finish cleaning our dorm. I get really upset and consider sneaking out and getting on the bus.

2) I'm babysitting two kids for a day, and I decide to take them into town for ice cream. We're in a little cafe and I'm ordering ice cream for the kids and coffee for myself. This guy comes in and start harassing the girl behind the counter. She's trying to be polite, and I ask the guy to back off. He pulls a gun and shoots the girl in the head. I grab the kids and jump behind a booth. I'm hoping the kids didn't see anything, but I'm sure they did. I'm worried they'll be traumatised for life, and that their Mom will never let me babysit for them again.

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