Thursday, June 29, 2006

1) Ken and I are going to see a band called Panic! At The Disco at an outdoor venue. We get there, and there's a maze of fences we have to walk around, but some people just got to walk through because they paid a lot more for their ticket. We finally get to the stage, and we're right up front. The band comes out and the singer is high and sweating really hard, and I think he's getting ready to pass out. I say to Ken, "This man has to be gotten to a hospital!" And Ken says, "A hospital? What is it?" Like we're quoting from the movie Airplane. But I don't think it's funny because I think the singer guy is really sick. So I go get the security guard and he tells me it's not his problem, but he'll call a car to take me to the hospital so I can bring back a doctor. The car gets there, and it's being driven by Frankenstein, so I get in and he drives me to this old mansion. I'm kinda worried about my own life, but Frankenstein is being really nice. When we go inside the mansion, I meet all these other monsters, and they're all very nice. I'm trying to find out if any of them is a doctor so I can get them to help the singer guy at the concert, but they just want to play games.

2) I'm in Morganfield with Stephanie, this girl in my squadron. We're at my Church, and decide to go to the grocery store. After walking around there, we find some nice people back at Church who invite us to dinner. We go, but they have to stop by the bank first. It's getting dark outside, and I'm surprised the bank is open on Sunday. Stephanie and I start talking about how we're not looking forward to the exercise coming up next month.

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