Wednesday, August 17, 2005

1) I'm at a party at some girl's house with Josh and Sarah, and I don't really know anyone else there. We're having a really great time, and I pull out some marijuana that somehow got into my pocket. We all debate on whether to smoke it. Then, the girl's parents come home and see the pot and they don't really care. I'm talking to her parents and trying to make a good impression on them.

2) I go down to Vegas and my friends Jim and Gene are living in this really huge house along with this other guy Jason. They're giving me a big tour of the house, and the whole time, these really hot girls are walking in and out. I ask Jim if they live there, and he says they just come and go as they please. Gene's wife comes in and starts talking to me and making me feel really awkward. Then Gene comes over and kinda sets me at ease.

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