Wednesday, August 31, 2005

1) I'm hanging out with my family, and my friend Kyle and I decide we want tattoos. We're all walking around and we see a bunch of tattoo parlors. We go in and make appointments for later that evening, much to the chagrin of my mother. The design I give the artist is of a big metal bus and I want it on my right shoulder. We walk around some more, and go back later for our appointments. The artist is running behind schedule and I get frustrated and leave.

2) I'm stripping at a bar, and I'm walking down this big runway, shedding clothes as I walk. I'm down to my underwear and everyone's cheering me on, so I decide to go ahead and rip my underwear off, too. I get to the end of the runway and the song ends, so I walk to the bar and order a drink. All these people are around me and laughing and telling me I did a great job, so I'm thinking at least one of them will buy me a drink, but nobody offers to pay. Since I obviously don't have my wallet on me (I'm still naked), I tell the bartender I have to go back to where my clothes are to get it. I walk back to the locker room, and get dressed. When I get back to the bar, the cops are there, and they've stopped all alcohol sales, so everyone is leaving. When I walk outside, it's really cold and rainy and there are patches of ice. The sun is starting to come up. I'm walking behind this really attractive black girl and we start to make small talk. She says goodbye and starts to walk into a building. I slip and fall on purpose hoping she'll stop and talk to me more, but when I fall, I really hurt myself. I'm bleeding from my head. The girl keeps walking, but this other guy stops. He says he's too poor to help me, but he calls these other people who are members of some cult. They're way too happy in a creepy way. They load me in the back of their minivan and start talking about how this one guy that went to their church killed someone because he was told to, but he should have known which orders to obey and which ones to ignore.

3) I'm staying with Melissa, and we decide we want to go downtown. I get in the shower, and she gets in with me. We get cleaned up, and start walking downtown. It's kinda dark, but the moon is really bright. Of in the distance, we see this guy standing in a field. We walk closer and see it's Mikey Kiel. We start calling out to him, but he doesn't hear us.

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