Friday, August 26, 2005

1) I'm starting a new job at some kind of retail store, but the store is on a wharf right next to a big lake. We're selling these really cool alt-like clothes that are, in fact, way too cool for a guy like me to be selling, and I'm kinda worried they're going to fire me because I'm just not cool enough to work there. The only time I feel cool is when we're all comparing tattoos. One day, after we close, the other employees and I are out walking along the dock, and this big boat comes along, so we all get on board. The deck of the boat is really low and close to the water, and sometimes, when a wave comes along, we all get really wet. Then we see some kind of big monser or dragon in the water, and we start to panic. Then we realise it's just the tattoo from one of the other workers.

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