Monday, August 22, 2005

1) I'm on a plane that crashes, and when I realise what's going on, the whole plane is under water. I manage to find the door and kick it open and swim out. I surface to find we're in a lake in the middle of a small town. The plane is really small and there are only four or five people on board. I swim down and grab everyone and drag them to land. Slowly, people start to come out of their houses to see what's going on. I get on my cell phone and call 911, but it's really difficult to talk to anyone because the reception is so bad. Everyone in the town is a bunch of rednecks and they keep reassuring us that help is on the way, but I have a really bad feeling. The flight attendant and I are tending to this other guy on the plane who was injured pretty bad, and it turns out to be Ben Affleck. I overhear this guy from the town telling another guy that if any of us are Jewish, then they're going to kill us. I start to get worried because I don't know if Ben Affleck is Jewish or not.

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