Thursday, August 04, 2005

1) I'm with my squadron and we just finished a deployment. Before we can get back home, we have to stay overnight in this big mall somewhere in the AOR. We're divided into groups, and each group has to sleep in a different store. Plus, we all have a curfew, and we can't leave the store unless we have this card. I want to walk around, but it's getting late, and the guy in my store that has the card won't give it to me, so I wait until they're all asleep, and I grab the card. As I'm leaving the store, this girl stops me and tells me not to go, so I start yelling at her. I leave and walk around, and then come back and apologize to the girl. The next morning, we're getting ready to leave, and I see one of the lieutenants in my squadron driving around in a Volkswagon Beetle and he has it decked out to look like an iPod. After we get on the bus, I start making fun of his car, and then I shut up real quick because he's sitting right in front of me.

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